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About Us

FPT is customer and service oriented

Trusted Business Consulting Service Provider

A customer service oriented culture means that a company focuses on its customers, their requirements, and needs. It values them over anything else, responds to them quickly and efficiently. Customer service-oriented workers help businesses by providing warm, genuine care for clients to resolve disputes.

Our main targets to add value for our customers products :

  • Produce healthier food.
  • Longer shelf life without chemical treatments.
  • Better product presentation.
  • Higher quality by reducing costs.
  • Fully traceability automatically controlled and monitored.
  • More efficiency and less production times.
  • Higher yield.
  • Less human errors to achieve higher standards.
Meet Our Team

A Team of Specialist & Experts

Reputed Team

Our Team

Our experienced service team are well skilled, individually trained and supported by our partners from overseas. We are committed to ensure that the company provides the ultimate levels of technical service & services.

We offer tailor made solutions from world wide leading companies for the food industry, which includes turn-key projects for further processing and packaging.

Our Food Technologists and Engineers provide a fully “Customer Care Package, 24h/7 day the week”.

Axel Arras

Chairman, FPT Group

Philip Koshy

CEO, FPT Middle East
Professional Skills

Our main target is to add value
for our customers products

We are dedicated to provide superior complete solutions, machines, service and technology to secure your future in the food industry

Healthier Food
Product Presentation
Fully Traceability
Higher Yield

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Professional Skills

Our Offerings

Our main targets to add value for our customers products:

  • Microwave & Radio Frequency
  • Frozen Block Cutters
  • Injector Tumbler Flatterners
  • Grinder Mixer Grinder Bowl Chopper
  • Vacuum Mixer Emulsifiers
  • Forming Coating Cooking
  • Filling Forming Portioning
  • Cooking Smoking Baking
  • Slicing
  • Traysealers Thermoformers
  • Dicers Shredders
  • Multi Head Weighers
  • Deboning Machines
  • Soft Seperators
  • Clean Rooms
  • Frozen Food Shaping
  • Metal Detectors Check Weighers
  • Hygiene & Handling Solutions
  • Pressforms
  • Drainage Systems
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Digital Solution for Food Production
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