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Soft Seperators

German engineering for the soft separation with higher yield. Careful product extraction or processing through the exact separation of hard and soft parts is becoming increasingly popular in a number of areas in the foodstuff industry. This exploits the behavior of the respective product due to differences in structure, strength and consistency.

The material being processed is hereby drawn in between a highly-elastic crushing belt and a perforated stainless steel drum and undergoes an increasing, short compression- separation process. Harder, coarser or tougher coherent solid parts stick to the outer surface of the drum and the softer parts are pressed through the perforations into the drum. This enables the most careful separation of fish from skin and bones, meat from bone splinters, gristle, skin or sinews in a continuous process.

FPT offer tailor made solutions from world wide leading companies for the food industry, which includes turn-key projects for further processing and packaging.